It's official: moving is an annoying B-I-T-C-H! You know what else is annoying? Being surrounded by a ton of boxes and not having anywhere to put your stuff because all of your old furniture was contaminated with mold and therefore had to be left behind. Seriously, a bitch and a half of a situation. Correction, an expensive bitch and a half of a situation.

Moving on.

In my attempt to make the move just a little bit less stressful, I decided to pack my "everyday items" (i.e. toiletries, makeup, everyday jewelry, clothing for the next few days...) as well as items that you NEED but probably aren't thinking of (i.e. shower curtain, shower curtain rings, a towel, shampoo/conditioner, hand soap, roll of toilet paper...) separately so that, in the chaos that is unpacking, I would be sure to know where my everyday items were. With this in mind, let me just tell you that I may call myself the life muse and I may prance around telling the world that I'm brilliant on pretty much a daily basis, but this little idea to pack my necessities in a separate, overnight bag is literally the most smartastic thing I've ever done. Why? Because having an overnight bag packed with toiletries and clothing to last me three to four days meant that I didn't have to run around like a crazy person searching for a needle in a haystack, or in this case, a missing earring in a sea of 12 cardboard boxes and 19 trash bags full of clothing, linens, shoes, and randomness.

Honestly, I think the most important takeaway from this is that, if/when you're moving, make sure to keep your everyday items not only separate, but organized as well. I chose to do this by grouping everything into piles and bagging all my items accordingly.
This way while the rest of your life is a nugget of moving madness, the stuff that matters, the stuff that you're going to NEED while you participate in olympic unpacking, remains ORGANIZED and ORDERLY.

So, now that you know how to make your life a little bit easier next time you change addresses, I'm going to go and make my new place a little less cardboard-y (i.e. unpack another few boxes). Byyyyyyye.


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