I heart iced tea. What I don't heart is the actual "make iced tea" process. So, in my attempt to cut out any extra "work," so to speak, I've come up with this hassle free way to brew a pitcher of my fav beverage (especially since I'm no longer allowed to drink coffee...but that's a whole other story too depressing to delve into). 

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: {yield 8 servings}
- 5 Tea Bags (You can use whatever flavor/kind you like -- in a bag, loose leaf, herbal, black, etc...Lately I've been loving me some Morning Thunder tea, pictured below).
- 8 Cups Water
- Coffee Maker
- Coffee Filter (This part is optional if you're using tea that's in a tea bag - i.e. not loose leaf tea - however I use one anyhow for easy cleanup purposes).
- Pitcher
Tea bag that shizzzzzzzz. KIDDING! Couldn't help myself. It was too easy (that's what she said). 
Watch it brew. Salivate slowly.
Once your tea is done brewing (FYI, if you like your iced tea sweet, now is the time to add your sweetener of choice since the hot temperature will dissolve any sweetener you add to it), pour into a pitcher and place in your fridge. Allow an hour or two for your tea to turn into iced tea. Your welcome.


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