Bulletin boards are a work space staple (pun intended). They keep your papers organized and in your face, something that's super important when it comes to getting shit done. Nevertheless, your typical bulletin board is also pretty ugly. Seriously, why does cork board have to be such an ugly color? And don't even get me started on the frame. I mean, it's like glossy puke brown on matte puke brown. Really stimulating when it comes to the work place...not.

With my feelings about the b-board pretty clear, it's no wonder that I decided to take it upon myself to bring a little color--and a little style--to the previously big brown blob that hangs over my desk. 

Exhibit A:
So, how'd I do it? 

First off, you'll need an old magazine (preferably fashion and/or home decor mags since the pages are filled with an array of patterns and colors), scissors, some Mod Podge (in glossy finish), a sponge brush, a disposable plate (to pour the Mod Podge on), tape, and an hour or two of your time.
Go through the magazine and rip out any and all pages that catch your eye. Proceed to cut said pages up into thin strips, like so...
Next step is to tape off the interior boarder of the cork board, the purpose being that if any Mod Podge drips onto the cork center, it doesn't actually get on the cork center. Oh, the beauty of tape. Once the board is all taped up, it's time to Mod Podge the board's frame. 
I found that it works best to actually Podge the back of each individual strip before placing it on the board. Also, don't Podge over the magazine strips until you are done with that whole side of the frame as it makes for a smoother finish. (Obviously I learned this one the hard way. Dang.)
And there you have it, a mag Mod Podged b-board. Much better, don't ya think?


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