I recently got a new iPhone case (white silicone with a clear plastic back) for my white iPhone 4. It was cute, it was squishy, and it was clean looking. Fast forward a few weeks and that same cute/squishy/clean looking case is now ugly, [still squishy] and appears to be permanently dirty. Essentially, the white silicone case that once looked sleek had turned this nasty shade of light brown that, to put it lightly, looked like crap. Literally.

Being a Jew (and therefore cheap) I knew I didn't want to pay for a new case...especially since I had just paid $30 for a new case only a month or so back. So, in a flash of creative angst, I figured I would attempt to "paint" my iPhone case, only instead of paint I used a Sharpie. An orange Sharpie, to be exact.

Now, clearly I should have snapped a before shot, but in that moment of "I MUST FIX THIS...NOW" I completley forgot to do so. Bad blogger status, I know. That said, I did snap some shots of the iphone case post marker makeover and I must say, I did good!
I actually really like the final product. It doesn't look horrendous and, if I do say so myself, it kind of looks cool...like orange wood or something.
Now, obviously this "tidbit" won't work on your phone case if its not white or clear or some other colorless shade (oxymoron alert!), but perhaps a black sharpie on your colored case would look GROOVY?! Kinda, sorta, maybe?! How bout you give it a whirl and get back to me on that one.

Oh, and for the record, I chatted on the phone in the heat for over an hour yesterday (this means sweaty face dripping on my iphone case, as cute as that sounds) and NO, none of the ink transported from the case to my face. I was just as shocked as you are now. You're welcome.


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