I was talking to my bff the other day and she was telling me of her bridesmaid woes, the likes of which revolved around the money the bride was asking each bridesmaid to fork over for not only the dress, but for hair and makeup as well. Being the "problem solver" that I am, my advice was to ditch the professional makeup cost by heading to the makeup counter at one of the big name department stores.
Seriously, if you're ever going to an event/wedding/place where you get to wear a ball gown, take my advice and call ahead to the makeup counter at a department store. Most of the time, you can make an appointment to go in and get your makeup done by one of their behind the counter professionals. (I would know, this is what I did all through high school for every homecoming/prom...Bobbi Brown Counter. Bloomingdales. White Flint Mall. Amen.) The best part is, rather than pay $100+ for a makeup artist's services, this service is free! That said, it is customary to buy a few of the products used to "make your face," however my feeling is: better to spend and get some makeup out of the deal than to spend and have nothing to show for it other than a few Facebook photos...you feelz me?!


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