Those of you who know me super well know that I am addicted to iced coffee. Heck, I've been a Starbucks gold card member since 2009 (when the gold card first came out) and, before that, I was a black card member. Yeah, you probably don't even know what that is. Sigh.

Anywho, in my attempt to not just give my bank account over to the land of green straws and overpriced lattes, I, over the years, have ventured into the world of at-home coffee making. Ground breaking, I know. Nevertheless, when I'm on vacation/away from my favorite french press for an extended period of time (re: two hours), trips to Starbucks are of high priority. 

So, how does a recent college grad afford multiple venti iced coffees (unsweetened, with soy...obv)? Well, tricks of the "I already give you enough money" trade are as follows:

When getting an iced beverage, ask for the size you want in a size larger cup, with extra ice. Not only is this "upgrade" free of charge but, more often than not, the barista won't actually remember to give you extra ice. Just a venti.
Another budget blessing--the likes of which was suggested to me by a real life Starbucks barista--is the tried and true refill trick. All you have to do is keep your cup from your last visit (slightly gross, I know) and next time you want a passion iced tea, ask for a refill while holding the empty, likely crusted cup in your hand. Now, the beauty of this trick is that the barista will NOT "refill" your cup. Instead, he/she will pour you an entirely new beverage in an entirely new cup...all for the much more reasonable price of $0.50.

Happy caffeinating! 


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