This past weekend, the BF and I decided to make whole wheat pizza at home. While the pizza itself was nothing to write home about, this tip is.
When I first started college, I never bought jarred food. I just didn't have the man power to unscrew those tight-ass lids! Nevertheless, after some time, I finally figured out a way to open those darn jars. All it takes? A big rubber band. Actually, my favorite rubber bands to use for this are the ones that come around produce (i.e. broccoli, etc) as they are much smaller circumference wise, and larger width wise. 

So, now that you know what you need, let me tell you what to do. It really is overly simple. Just place the rubber band around the lid of the jar, get a good grip, and unscrew. Why does this work? Because the rubber allows you to get a good enough grip around the lid of the jar to actually open it. I know, dreams coming true.

PS, using rubber dish washing gloves in place of a rubber band works well, too. Just make sure the gloves are dry, otherwise it won't work!


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