After 7 hours of Amtrak hell...I'm back, I'm blogging, and I'm reusing an empty Altoids container?! Yes--to all of the above.

Altoids are minty, they're fresh, and best of all they come in a tiny tin container, the likes of which I use for...
...those extra buttons that, when you rip the tags off of new clothes, inevitably get dumped on your dresser where they then make their way into a black hole. At least that's what it feels like come the day when one of those extra buttons is actually needed. Nevertheless, stashing those babies (and by babies I mean buttons) in an old Altoid tin makes it so a.) you always know where to look when a button falls off your favorite blouse, and b.) keeps all the "babies" in one place.
But if buttons aren't your thing, then maybe this makeshift headphone "tin toter" is more your style. Personally, I just like pissing my friends off when they ask for a mint and, instead of spearmint salvation they are greeted by my neatly coiled headphones. But seriously, pre-tin toter, my headphones used to be a tangled mess. However, now when I want some tunage, it doesn't take me 8 minutes to undo the iKnot. How iBrilliant.


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