It's currently raining here in DC which means one thing: today, I live for my umbrella. 

(INSERT: so now that I'm actually done writing this post, it's no longer raining. In fact, it looks as if the sun is trying to poke it's way through [**that's what she said**] the clouds and well, I'm too lazy to think of a new TLM topic so alas, your stuck with this rain inspired post... Oopsies.)

Umbrellas are a tricky thing. Some people prefer small umbrellas that can easily fit into your purse. Others prefer extra large umbrellas that could easily shield five people from geting drenched. And then there are people like me who just prefer a medium size umbrella--big enough to cover me and my tote bag, but still manageable in the sense that it can fit in said tote bag. With this in mind, I've decided to share with you the most amazing umbrella. I know it sounds crazy, but seriously, I've had this umbrella FOREVER and it's yet to fail in the "keeping Lindsay dry" department. 
Enter, the "Compact Auto Open/Close" umbrella by Eddie Bauer. Now, Eddie Bauer is not exactly my usual shop spot, but when it comes to wet wear (that sounded dirty), EB is one of my favs...umbrellas included. Not only does the metal frame not bend backwards in the midst of a wind/rain storm, but this umbrella also has a button open AND close button...a TLMer's best friend. Now, as I said before, I got my EB umbrella way back when and therefore the green floral pattern of my umbrella is no longer available. Then again, some of the new patterns and colors EB is offering are actually even nicer looking than mine....and let's be honest: as women, we care about the look of our umbrellas. No shame. 

Happy water shielding!

**Eddie Bauer did not pay me for this review. The thoughts expressed above are solely my own and stem from my being an actual consumer of the aforementioned product.**


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