Whether you're single or taken, the task of mastering the role of the wing-girl is something that every female faces. It's not enough that girl code requires two friends to not chase the same man, but wing-girl status takes man hunting to the next level--to a whole other level of "friendship." This is because, just like the wingman culture, the role of the wing-girl was created to help solo gals migrate from the land of none to the land of I've found the one. Regardless of whether or not this potential suitor turns out to be a keeper (the odds of which are quite minimal and rather unheard of), helping your girlfriend land that hottie with a body on ladies night out is your girlfriend-ly duty, so you better learn how to serve with honor!
RULE #1: You are a hott and sexy beast of a woman. But what makes this night different from all other nights is the fact that tonight, no matter how short your dress is, your girlfriend is hotter than you are--at least that's what you need to make the guy she's trying to land think.

RULE #2: Prior to your night out on the town with your fellow females, make sure that your phone is fully charged and ready to go. Your phone dying in the middle of the day is one thing, it's an entire other situation when said situation occurs at night, in a nightclub, when you and all your friends are shwasted and a half.

RULE #3: If the guy your girl is after is not exactly "her usual type," alert your girlfriend immediately. No need for male grenades. Enough said.

RULE #4: If you're friend asks you to stay with her when she's chatting up Mr. Hottie, stay. But, if she asks you to give her some space, let her have her space. Just make sure that wherever you walk off to, your friend is still in your visual graces. The guy she's with might appear normal, nice, and all the above, but at the end of the day (night?!) he's still a stranger. Proceed with caution.

RULE #5: You want your friend to be sharing her digits, not her lady parts. Let your friend get up close and personal at the bar but when it's time to go, make sure your friend leaves with YOU, not him. Even if your friend says it's okay, trust me, it's not. She might leave with you kicking and screaming but come morning when she's home safe and sound, she'll be grateful for the fact that the walk of shame is not in her near future.



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