Those of you who know me personally (re: friends, family, random people I pay to read my blog), know that I am a tinge emotional...and by "tinge" I mean "tinge and a half"...and by "tinge and a half" I mean "tremendously" (should I stop?!). Anywho, the fact of the matter is, I've been known to shed a tear or two when things get heated, sad, and/or struck by harmonious levels of happiness. Basically, I'm a crier and I know it! 
Truth be told, I used to hate the fact that I cried at pretty much anything that made feel any ounce of emotional fragility. I hated the fact that when I went to talk to a teacher about a bad grade, I'd get so emotionally ruffled that I'd usually shed a tear (or two, or twenty-two). I hated the fact that when I wasn't able to participate in PE at the same intense athletic level as my peers, I'd get so upset at myself that I'd wind up crying in a "Lindsay you suck" kind of way. I hated the fact that when I entered into confrontation, I wasn't able to keep a straight face and almost always wound up in tears mid-conversation. In other words, growing up I hated the fact that I wasn't able to keep my emotions a secret; that no matter how hard I tried to keep the waterworks to a minimum, everyone knew that I was "feeling" something. 

Over the years I have become somewhat skilled in the art of holding back tears, yet I'd be lying if I told you that I no longer cry at the drop of a hat. Nevertheless, it's hard to deny the fact that, as we get older the rules change and somehow, some way, we must learn how to shift with them. So, while constant crying gets you labeled as a baby in middle school, it has been important for me to realize that, in adult life, excessive crying makes you appear weak, emotionally unstable, and overly sensitive. But looks can be deceiving--emotional excessiveness included.  

You see, a lot of the time, we as human beings fail to release the stress and internal pressures brought on by daily life; by work, family, finances, friends, love, and so forth. We fail to let our feelings be known. We fail to admit that in fact we cannot do it all.

With this in mind, I've finally come to a state of personal understanding that indeed it is okay to cry, to feel, and to wear my emotions on my sleeve. In fact, I've become so comfortable with this idea of "crying for sanity's sake" that I've replaced my old mascara with one of the waterproof variety, but that's neither here nor there. Essentially, what I'm trying to get at with all of this blabber is this idea that sometimes it's not only okay to cry, but it's actually good to cry! Our country is known for being overindulgent, yet we as emotional beings rarely indulge in our own a good old fashioned cry fest. So, next time you are feeling upset/sad/angry/emotionally stirred in some way, rather than let your emotions get the best of you, perhaps you should try to get the best of them...preferably in H2O form.



liat sacks
08/10/2012 9:44am

linds im so proud of you!!! you are doing such awesome stuff with this writing!!!! love you!

08/10/2012 11:31am

Liaty, thank youuuuu. Trying to combine the quote i wrote's "heart" with TLM humor in my attempt to change the post at a time. Love (and miss) you so much. Xx (PS, can we have a playdate sometime soon, k spanx).


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