Greeeeeeetings from Florida where the BF and I are currently visiting with my parental units!

[Insert obligatory photo of palm tree here]

After hopping an early morning flight to the sunshine state (and after only eating a stale oat bran muffin and a few handfuls of cheerios at 5 something in the morn at the airport) the BF and I were beyond starving when we arrived at my parents' house later in the morning. So, what's a girl (and her boy) to eat when famished at 10am? A veggie burger egg brunch (plus bread), of course.
Something that the BF and I enjoy on a weekly basis, this eggtastic brekkie is one with not only staying power, but tastebud power as well. Mmmmm-city if you know what I mean (yes, that is the joke I just made. It's bad, I know. But this omelet is amazing so overlook my bad humor and get a'crackin...literally [ba dum dum]).

(yields 2 servings)

5 Eggs (3 Whole; 2 Whites)
1/2 c. Cottage Cheese
1 Dr. Praeger's Veggie Burger Patty
S & P to taste
Cooking Spray

1.) Turn stove on to medium high. 
2.)Throw the veggie patty into a nonstick saute pan and cook till first side is brown. Flip. Cook through.
3.) While patty is cooking break the eggs, add cottage cheese, and season with a pinch of salt and a few grinds of pepper. Set aside.
4.) Once patty is cooked, break it up with a spatula. Leave patty pieces in pan.
5.) Spray pan with cooking spray and pour eggs into pan over the patty pieces.
7.) Once eggs begin to solidify (you can see it doing so on the edges), take spatula and loosen edges of omelet. Fold eggs in half.
8.) Allow eggs to cook for a few minutes and then flip eggs over.
9.) Cook till done, serve, and happy egg eating.


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